Cat Astrology


April 20 – May 20

Practical, reliable Taureans are great lovers of sensual pleasures but also rather stubborn, possessive and conservative – so leave their favourite cardboard box alone! They have a fine grasp of what is needed in order to lead the good life (lots of food, that nice spot in the sun for a doze, well trained humans). Of course, in an emergency they have an instinctive understanding of what to do, but under normal circumstances, no-one can force them into anything without due time for thought and consideration. I’m a Taurus!!


May 21 – June 21

Being a dual sign has (of course) both an up and a downside. Gemini cats are very interested in anything new though they have a healthy scepticism which allows them to see both sides of everything (they will walk around an empty cardboard box at least once before jumping in!). They are party animals but also like to sit back and chuckle at the behaviour of others. They can become deflated if out of the limelight for any length of time though so need lots of attention. Their excellent powers of observation ensure they always know what is going on around them.


June 22 – July 22

Creative cats, with a strong love of home, family and tradition, make the Cancerian cat a good communicator! Their deep sensitivity presents them with valuable and illuminating intuitions, paradoxically combining a love of travel with a deep need for security, they surround themselves with familiar, safe objects. Cancerians are remarkably good at accumulating things, normally hidden under the sofa!


July 23 – August 22

The proud Leo regards himself as the natural centre of attention and confidently expects others to step back and pay homage! Glamorous Leo enjoys a thoroughgoing love of life and all its pleasures. Enthusiasm, generosity and a sunny disposition inspires the affection of many admirers, while turning those with less popular personalities green with envy. Though full of ambition and enthusiasm, Leos have to admit to a lazy streak and, given the opportunity, will take the easy way out, especially when a situation offers little fun or glory.


August 23 – Sept 22

Virgos have a truly intellectual, critical and analytical approach to life. A critical eye for detail, combined with a ceaseless pursuit of perfection, endows them with an irresistible urge to improve everything and everyone (whether they need it or not!). The Virgo cat likes it own space but in the right circumstances can be a very dynamic creature indeed!


Sept 23 – Oct 22

The Libran cat can be indecisive but tend to be very even handed (pawed!). They thrive on praise. In spite of their need to be liked, and reluctance to face confrontations, can be surprisingly strong-willed. They set out to accomplish their chosen goals and will find ways to succeed one way or another. If they become convinced nothing more is to be gained no matter what they won’t hesitate to walk away from a situation.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Though they may not spend their life pondering the mysteries of life and death, Scorpios are inquisitive and probing, fascinated with how things and people work. Their mental and physical powers of recuperation are remarkable. A determined Scorpio can be rather stubborn and resistant to imposed changes. In many ways this is a plus, for it gives them the stamina to accomplish things in life, due to their tenacity. On the surface they may seem easy-going, congenial, and gregarious, but they are also extremely tenacious with a need to manipulate and control situations.


Nov 22- Dec 21

Sagittarius are always on the look out for adventures and ideas. Intellectual curiosity covers a wide range of subjects, but they do get bored and restless when surrounded by dull people or circumstances. They can get very impatient if people make too much fuss of them. A freedom loving cat who enjoys the company of interesting people and good food!


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Tenacious, unruffled and pragmatic they achieve what they set out to accomplish and are determined to succeed one way or another. A false pride makes it hard for them to admit when they are wrong, or to ask others for help. Though they compete aggressively for what they want, they harbour an inner lack of confidence which can make them defensive. Viewing insecurity and fear as weakness, they attempt to hide such feelings, making it hard for others to get close to them.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

You can be unpredictable and subject to profound and unexpected deviations from the norm, all excellent characteristics in a cat! They also exhibit considerable personal stability – when others see a suddenly change of course, or something unpredictable, they probably do not realise it is some quite practical, or advantageous course of considered action. Aquarians certainly resent being told to what to do, although they can be quite co-operative when properly approached. Aquarians are naturally sceptical; they like to test things for themselves, but, once convinced, become firm in their determination to see things through.


Feb 19 – March 20

The Pisces cat will have a thirst for knowledge and understanding, with a natural lucky streak. Also sensitive and spiritual qualities which can also lay them open to deception and intrigue (that is if it’s not they who are doing the deceiving!). Sensitive Pisces reacts emotionally to everything. Home lovers never happier than when giving full attenion to theirr lucky humans!


March 20 – April 20

Arians are always overflowing with ideas, schemes and plans to conquer the world, life, of course, is one long party. Arians are great organisers, full of flair and originality, although usually lacking discipline and the capacity for prolonged effort (minions must be found to do the slog work!). They have masses of energy and courage and will rush in where angels fear to tread, for the Arian ego can be rather overbearing!