Other Oscars

The search is on  – I’m a cat on a mission. Now I am, obviously, the numero uno Oscar but I know there are some other cool cats out there called Oscar as well. So this is your chance – write and tell me about yourself, send me a pikkie and I will include you in my Oscar Gallery.

To get us started here is a very smart Oscar all the way from the USA! I like this guy …… why haven’t I got a train set of my own .. huh??

Hi. Your site was pointed out by a colleague of mine, I recently acquired a Siamese from a local shelter here in Colorado, USA and he insisted that his name was Oscar. Now I can’t think of life without him, his favourite game is hide and seek in the bathtub…awfully strange for a cat. He is one of the best cats I’ve ever known.Great website, and the Resolutions fit my Oscar quite nicely…. Andrew

other-oscar-2HERE’S A WELSH OSCAR
Hiya Oscar! Really like your site. Here is a picture of our Oscar that you might want to include in the ‘Other Oscars’ section of your site. He’s grown quite a bit since this photo was taken but still likes to sit in the sink! …. Jon & Rachel Cardiff, Wales

other-oscar-5LARA’S OSCAR
Hi Oscar. You wanted to know about other cats called Oscar? Well I attach a photo of my cousin Oscar – he got his name because the day our owner went to collect him she got an email from you saying my brother Max had won a prize in your photo competition (I had a competition some years ago!). She had been trying to think of a name for her new kitten and you wrote to her. I guess it is therefore true to say that this Oscar is called after you! He is a real bundle of mischief but sometimes he sleeps – he nearly always sleeps on his back just like in the photo. Lara, Max and Oscar ….

other-oscar-3LOUISE’S OSCAR
This is Louise’s Oscar – he sounds a real character!

Hello, here is my Oscar. He is 2 this year and we got him from a shelter in January 2003. In the shelter he looked quite small and seemed very shy and nervous, which I have now realised was a very clever ploy. About a week after he moved in he decided to let it all hang out and show his true self, which is a great big, long, noisy, nosy, monster cat! Oscar has taken over the house, much to the disgust of our other cat Emma. His favourite things are playing football in the early hours of the morning, and waking us up at 5am to play. Oscars other names include “Oscar, LEAVE HER”, and “Oscar NO NO” …. Louise

other-oscar-4OSCAR AND FRIENDS
Hello, my name is Oscar …I’m a very spoilt 4 year old moggie who lives with my twin brother Elmo and our adopted little sister Kookie, who’s 2. I’m a very laid-back cat who enjoys nothing more than lying n the sun and watching the other two chase each other all day. In the evening we all fight to be first to sit on our owners knee to be fussed over, I usually like to go last as you tend to get to sit there longest that way! I have sent you my picture and one of my brother ( as you can see I definitely got the looks) and my sister (she’s a cutey isn’t she?) Oscar

Hi! Here is a picture of my Oskar (the black-and-white lummox) with his best friend, Miss Zoe. I had Zoe first, and it quickly became clear that she was bored out of her mind and needed a playmate. When I brought Oskar home, Zoe spent the first few days hissing at him and showing him who was boss. As you can see, they’re now the best of friends (although Zoe would never admit it), though Zoe is still the boss. Oskar follows her around wherever she goes, and when she decides it’s time for him to be groomed, he just lies there and takes it, although he outweighs her by a good 4 pounds. Oskar’s primary job is to ferret out dust bunnies and keep mountain lions and spider monkeys away (hey, there aren’t any around, so he must be doing a good job!). He is easily the best-natured cat around, if not the smartest….Lisa