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I’m Oscar and this is my blog

Let me introduce myself, I’m Oscar!

I’m a ginger cat. A very smart ginger cat with particularly large feet – apparently – they look fine to me, generously sized, but good for fence climbing and other orienteering trips. According to the humans they are oversized but really who are they to talk considering the size of their own feet?

On the subject of the tame humans, I have two of them. It’s taken quite a while but I have them reasonably well trained. They tend to be less smart than me most of the time although I let them think different as it makes them feel good. We will ignore the times they get the better of me, best not to mention that. They have to be allowed a little victory sometimes just so they think they can pretend to be in charge –  obviously we all know who is really in charge around here!

My humans and I live in the countryside with lots of fields around for me to explore. It’s a good place to be. I approve.

Anyway, I’ve decided I need a hobby so I’ve decided to keep a blog. Yes, I know, hard to type with my big fluffy paws but I’m going to give it a go. You’ve heard of Chairman Meow’s Little Red Book? Well it’s going to be absolutely nothing like that. Just some rambling thoughts when the mood takes me, my thoughts on world affairs, exposes of the idiocies of the humans, and very embellished stories of when I’ve done something particularly clever … actually the idea of being Chairman Oscar is growing on me.

So check back soon to see what I’ve had to say – there is likely to be quite a lot to report!

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