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Bank holiday makeover

So the humans have just had something called a Bank Holiday.

Now, as ever, this seems illogical to me because it seems that it is just not banks that have an extra day off but most businesses close down for a day. But not people in shops because it seems that shops always have to be open so that people who are not working have somewhere to go when it is a holiday. Seems a tad unfair to me but the humans are so often not sensible!

Anyway my humans decided to go to the DIY shop to get some paint. Apparently someone, no names mentioned, has left some grubby paw prints on a wall and it needs painting. However they seem to have decided to be somewhat radical and repaint the whole room a new colour. They were watching some pretentious makeover show on TV the other day so I think talk of paw prints is just an excuse to try something new so they can show off in front of their friends.

Humans are strange. Seems that if their friends do something new to their house that this has to trigger everyone else in the circle to do something to keep up. Personally I don’t see the reason for redecoration at all, as long as there are an assortment of places for me to sleep I’m not concerned what the house looks like, what colour the walls are, the amount of scatter cushions, etc. Scatter cushions seem a particularly pointless thing in my opinion, I mean what is the point of them? They have to be constantly ‘replumped’, arranged on the sofa in neat rows and then provoke rows when I’ve covered them with a layer of hair. Much better to get some more cardboard boxes for me to sleep in!

Anyway they headed off to the DIY which is apparently some great barn of a place just up the road where all the humans go when they have a holiday day. Seems an odd concept of a holiday but …

After some while they arrived back. Car doors slamming. Front door slamming. Raised voices. As usual the holiday trip to the DIY seems to have annoyed them!

I was expecting them to come back with a big pot of some garish coloured paint ready for action. But they seem to have four little pots of paint called samplers as they could not agree on a colour and now they have painted little squares of colour all over the lounge walls. Looks kinda neat actually. A bit abstract. If I was them I would just leave it like that and claim that it is ‘original artwork’, perhaps they can add a few dribbles and splatter the paint around a bit and call it modern art. They could just tip the paint onto a board, I’ll trample it a bit with my big paws and they can sell it for a fortune on Ebay. Could not look any worse than some of the stuff that seems to pass for art these days!

They seem to have lost interest in their project now.

I sense the little squares may be there for some while. I believe it may be called Cubism. That Picasso guy …

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