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Brexit – a new cat biscuit?

The humans are squabbling. Well they would claim they are having an intelligent discussion but it sounds like squabbling to me.

They are discussing something called Brexit. Now I got quite excited for a few minutes because I thought it was going to be some new cat biscuit. A breakfast biscuit perhaps – a full English in a cat biscuit. That would be a great thing and I have to ask – why is that not already available? Add that to my list of things I must get organised when I have the time!

Anyway, back to the real Brexit. Not a biscuit but some vote that all the humans have had about ‘staying in Europe’. Now as I understand it I live in the United Kingdom and we are close to lots of other countries called Europe, apparently there are quite a lot of them the other side of lots of water. Now it seems that years ago we were often having wars with some of them, and they were having wars with each other (like a cat fight but even bigger!), and it was all kinda messy. Then they started something called the EU which was a big club where they all got along together, had a free market for easy trade of important stuff like cat treats and food, worked together for the common good. All that sort of stuff.

It sounds like a reasonable idea to me but apparently some people wanted to leave the club and now there has been a vote on it, lots of politicians going around the country talking total nonsense, making up all sorts of stuff and generally arguing with each other all the time.

So they had the vote and the leave people won. Hence the squabbling – the humans don’t agree with each other. One wanted to leave and the other wanted to stay. From what they said it seems like the country is divided on it all just like my humans are.

I don’t understand all this political stuff, well I imagine I could if I wanted to, but really that is too much effort, but I am concerned that this Brexit thing is going to adversely affect the cost of my food. Apparently our currency has nose dived which means that prices will go up. Which means that they may start trying to palm me off with some horrible cheapo supersaver mega value cat food with the consistency of tinned soup and that is never, ever, ever a good idea!

I’m staying out of their argument and going to work on my plans for my Brexit biscuits …

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