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Rugby, odd shaped balls and more …

So today it is the start of something called The Six Nations, apparently it is an annual rugby competition where people from lots of different countries run around a field chasing an odd shaped ball, have lots of scrums which are some sort of grappling contests and generally trying to knock each other out. The teams seem am odd mixture of players – lots of little guys and some really tall ones with coloured Sellotape and funny little caps on their heads – not sure it’s fair on the little people to have to play with the huge ones!

Today England are playing Scotland. The humans are supporting England because they are English. Seems a bit unimaginative really, they could pretend to be Scottish just for a change but I guess that would mean having to buy kilts and stuff so probably too much effort just for a rugby match.

Anyway it’s not been a great day. Not my fault obviously … it was THEIR FAULT.

There I was, minding my own business, having a little afternoon snooze on the lounge window sill, when in they came, booze in hand, to watch the rugby. Anyway the game started and I nodded off only to be woken by ear piercing screams from the humans … apparently we had scored a try (whatever that is) … I was so shocked by all the noise that I promptly fell of the window ledge straight onto a bottle of red wine. The indignity of it!

You can imagine the rest – shrieks from the humans, J cloths everywhere, big red stain on the carpet, the frantic search for a bottle of white wine to throw on top of the red (apparently that works but the humans were very annoyed to waste a bottle of the stuff on a carpet!).

No one seemed concerned that I gone red as well – it’s taken me ages to lick it all out of my coat … hic!

I am apparently serving a one match ban for next weeks match against Italy. Not sure what that will involve. Pizza hopefully.


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