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New Year economy measures

So it’s been a quiet week, the humans are back at work after their long, boozy break. Not sure it is going well though. All I get every evening is lots of moaning about ‘the state of the trains’. Seem to me they would be better off staying here and looking after me properly rather than gadding around all day enjoying themselves. If the trains are in a state why keep going off and playing around on them?

Anyway – they tried to palm me off with some cheap cat food tonight. What’s the world coming to? I’m determined not to touch the stuff however hungry I get…

… had a quick nibble when they were not looking. Seriously horrible stuff – I don’t know what came over them, they should know better. There have been mutterings about the size of Christmas VISA bill but why should that should have an effect on my supply of Whiskers and Felix? Did I use their plastic card? No I did not. They should control their spending and focus on the essentials. LIKE CAT FOOD.

This is turning into a serious battle of wills. They have, by all accounts, bought four tins of this horrible cat food as some misguided economy measure. As I have no intention of eating it they have made a very serious mistake because I am standing firm. This is the thin end of the wedge! I am not going to eat it because it will set a very bad precedent. I’m getting hungry though – I’ve taken to flopping around under their feet looking pathetic. Guilt trips often work well in my experience but it’s not working so far. The evil VISA bill must be really terrifying.

Later in the week
Oh dear … can a cat be in the doghouse? If so, I am! Desperate times need desperate measures. However being discovered sat on the worktop helping yourself to a nice meal of roast chicken does not seem to have gone down very well with the humans. Their visitors looked a bit stunned too … no-one fancied the chicken after my attack (I only had a go at one side of it!) so they ended up having stuffing and bread sauce for Sunday lunch. They should be grateful it was’nt the Cheapocat chunks they are trying to palm off on me!

The next day
More chicken for lunch today – well, they have to use it up somehow. Should be enough to last me for the next few days.

And the day after
I’m beginning to get a bit fed up with the chicken now. Perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. Still not eating that cheap stuff though!

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