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Winter blues and dodgy catflaps

I’m fed up with the weather at the moment. It’s supposed to be winter but instead of snow and stuff it keeps raining. ALL THE TIME! I’ve not been out and about for days, I mean who wants to get wet and scruffy by going out in the rain? And if I go out and get wet then there is all the whinging from the humans about me leaving muddy pawprints everywhere. Of course when your paws are muddy they also know exactly where you have been mooching – kitchen worktops, etc!

I’ve, um, got a bit of a story here … as ever not my fault, of course, but I was there at the time. I was just outside the house during a brief dry spell, minding my own business, when a whopping great big dog appeared, some sort of relation to a wolf I think, it was HUGE! I decided I might be safer inside but when entering through the cat flap at about 200 miles an hour I appear to have brought most of the cat flap in with me. I’m currently wearing it like a belt around my tummy and it will not come off!! Where are the humans when I need them?

Harumph! I am really quite offended – when they eventually arrived home after another boozy night down the pub they went into hysterical laughter at my predicament. Took them five minutes to stop laughing before they got the wretched thing off me. So much for caring, thoughtful cat owners … they seem more concerned about the cost of the new cat flap. Let’s hope they get it right this time and buy a bigger one.

We cats have our pride and mine is very injured at the moment.

Off to scratch something in retaliation.

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