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Feng Shui and noodles for me!

What’s this all about then – some sort of Chinese food?
The first time I heard the humans discussing feng shui (apparently pronounced Feng Schway not Feng Shooeey) I assumed that a new Chinese or Thai restaurant had opened up in the area. I was quite chuffed about that as I am partial to Chinese food, well any sort of food actually (particularly prawn crackers).

So I’ve done a sneaky Google search and apparently feng shui (which means wind and water in Chinese), is –

… the ancient system of environmental placement. It has been practised in China for over 5,000 years, because it makes sense to align ourselves in a balanced way with the energies of our environments. The basic philosophy of feng shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing, and that your consciousness is represented in your environment. Its purpose is to align ourselves in a balanced and harmonious way to the energies of where we live and work. This includes understanding the physical aspects of our environments, as well as the invisible aspects of our environments, as they relate to direction, time and space.

So that is clear then? Good.

According to the humans it basically involves moving all the furniture around. Personally I think it is all a waste of time as in a week’s time they will be excited by some other new fad, they do have very short attention spans. But it has kept them busy – not sure why they needed quite so much red wine for moving furniture around though!

Oscar knows best
I knew this feng shui stuff was a bad idea – as usual I was right (smug contented grin from the uber clever cat). One of the humans has just tripped over the coffee table which has been repositioned in a really weird place because ‘that’s where the book said it should go!’ Oh yeah… the fact that you cannot go into the sitting room without falling over it is obviously something that the book did not mention.

Another reorganisation of the sitting room – the coffee table has been repositioned in another ‘good shui’ position. Now the other human has stubbed a toe on the table after tripping over whilst trying to avoid treading on me. I, of course, am taking no notice of all this stuff and will continue, as usual, to lie around in the most inconvenient spot I can find. That’s what we cats do!

They say ‘bad Oscar’.

I say, Oscar – ‘positive shui’.


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