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Daft things humans say

I’ve just been to see the vet. Not fun. 🙁

It was time for my annual flu injection, which is very important for us cats apparently, but just seems to me as an excuse for a rather nasty guy in a white coat to prod and poke me around, make rude comments about my weight, and then stick a needle in me. OUCH!

Even the humans find it painful – I heard comments of ‘ouch, that hurt’ when the receptionist gave them their plastic money card thing back to them. I’m glad they found it painful as well, now they know how I feel! Seems odd to me that you have to pay someone to do nasty things to you – more strange human behaviour.

Anyway the vet person said that I was ‘as fit as a flea’. I was a bit put out by that – a flea? Hmmm – just waiting for them to go off to bed so I can do an online search on what that means.

Sometime later.

Ah, Google comes up with the answer for me. Apparently it just means to be really fit and well. I thought it meant I was like an insect or something. Strange expression!

I just found ‘fit as a fiddle’ as well, now why would anyone be as fit as a violin? How daft is that? And what do you do with the bow? Eeek!

Honestly humans are funny creatures, I’ve been doing some more reading, all these weird sayings about cats …

Someone jumping around and nervous is like ‘a cat on a hot tin roof’. You try standing still on a hot tin roof!

Then there is ‘the cat that got the cream’, not very often in this household let me tell you. They seem to think it’s too good for me.

And what about ‘curiosity killed the cat’, I don’t like the sound of that one. Nothing wrong with a bit of curiosity, cardboard boxes NEED investigating and the fact that my inquisitive nature has sometimes led to me getting trapped somewhere is no reason no to go where I shouldn’t.

I’m a cat – that’s what cats do!

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